Privett Hatchery White Faced Black Spanish Chicks (White Faced Black Spanish)

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White Faced Black Spanish
The Spanish or White-faced Black Spanish, is a breed of domestic chicken which originated in Spain, but was largely bred to its present type in Great Britain in the eighteenth century. It is an older breed than the Minorca. It is distributed throughout the world, but is rare in Spain.They have glossy black plumage and are closely related to the Minorca and Castellana Negra breeds. Their most distinguishing feature are their white, low-hanging ear-lobes, which are actually overdeveloped. They have a single comb, four toes, and no crest. These birds are straight run only.

•Broodiness: Rarely
•Cold and Heat Hardy: Heat
•Mature Weight: Approx. 6-8.5 lbs.
•Purpose: Egg Layer
•Production: Approx. 180 Medium White Eggs/Yr.
•Nature: Active, Athletic, Vocal

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