Privett Hatchery Standard Assorted Cochins Chicks

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Standard Assorted Cochins
The Cochin is an ancient breed originally from China. When they first arrived in the U.S., they were immensely popular and were used to develop many American breeds such as the Plymouth Rock and Rhode Island Red. Although originally prized as a meat bird, Cochins today are primarily bred for exhibition. They have a docile temperament and are very cold-hardy thanks to their abundant, loose-fitting plumage. The hens are also well known for their broody instincts and mothering ability. They come in several beautiful plumage colors and may including Buff, Blue, Black, or Partridge.

•Broodiness: Occasionally
•Cold and Heat Hardy: Yes
•Mature Weight: Approx. 6-7 lbs.
•Purpose: Dual-Purpose
•Production: Approx. 175 Medium Brown Eggs/Yr.
•Nature: Docile, Friendly

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