Privett Hatchery Red Shoulder Yokohama Chicks (Red Shoulder Yokohama)

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Privett Hatchery

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Red Shoulder Yokohama
Elegance is the best word to describe this bird at first sight. The Yokohama is a brilliant bird with pure-white background feathering is accented by red across the shoulders and back, along with white-flecked red breasts. They also have a long flowing tail, with long saddle feathers, and sickle feather that drag on the ground.

•Broodiness: Not Likely
•Cold and Heat Hardy: Yes
•Mature Weight: Approx. 3.5-4.5 lbs.
•Purpose: Ornamental
•Production: Approx. 80 Small Cream Eggs/Yr.
•Nature: Alert, Active, Docile

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