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Jersey Black Giants
In the late 1800s New Jersey breeders created a chicken designed to rival the meatiness of the turkeys back then. The massive Black Jersey Giant was the result of merging the genetics of several large breeds. Later the White Jersey Giant was created. They grow slowly but eventually are a third larger than most other heavy breeds. These birds are ideal for anyone wanting an impressive hen that lays about 240 extra-large eggs annually. When younger, the birds will mature relatively quickly, but they tend to reach a marketable meat weight slower than other breeds. It can take up to nine months for this bird to fill out its meat proportions.

•Broodiness: Occasionally
•Cold and Heat Hardy: Yes
•Mature Weight: Approx. 8-9 lbs.
•Purpose: Dual-Purpose
•Production: Approx. 240 X-Large Brown Eggs/Yr.
•Nature: Docile, Easy Going

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