Privett Hatchery Indian Red Junglefowl Chicks (Indian Red Junglefowl)

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Indian Red Junglefowl
The Indian Red Junglefowl are small active chickens that are extremely resistant to predation and are excellent foaragers. The Indian Red Junglefowl has a mix of feather colours, with orange, brown, red, gold, grey, white, olive and even metallic green plumage. The male Red Junglefowl are black breasted and tailed with golden-red heads and backs. Female Red Junglefowl are small birds with muted golden colored necks and breasts, with a lighter brown coloration in the rest of the body. These are straight run only.

•Broodiness: Rarely
•Cold and Heat Hardy: Yes
•Mature Weight: Approx. 3-4.5 lbs.
•Purpose: Ornamental
•Production: Approx. 150 Medium Light Brown Eggs/Yr.
•Nature: Alert, Athletic, Excellent Foragers

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