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Blue Wyandotte
Blue Wyandottes have slate blue plumage that can sometimes be laced with shades of black. They have a rose comb and tend to be fast maturing. Blue Wyandottes are very good producers of brown eggs and a very cold hardy bird. These birds are good for more than their lacy looks. They are also great egg layers. Wyandottes are one of the most strikingly beautiful chickens to grace a backyard flock. Developed in New York, they are quiet, easy to manage, and one of the most winter-hardy of all breeds.

•Broodiness: Occasionally
•Cold and Heat Hardy: Yes
•Mature Weight: Approx. 5-6 lbs.
•Purpose: Dual-Purpose
•Production: Approx. 245 Medium Cream Eggs/Yr.
•Nature: Docile, Calm, Easy Going

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